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Norton tonight
Quote:Originally posted by JimmyBlueEyes
I missed the Norton hitting on BITE, these things happen when you're out getting the car. Norton KILLED!!!! The first opening act was ok. The second guy, who won the LI comic idol was fuckin hysterical and then the last opener was a girl who got walked out on by half the guys in the joint. (Can you tell I was the designated driver??) Opie was in attendance and they both confirmed THEY WILL BE BACK SOON!!! Say a prayer for Little Jimmy as he heads off to Baghdad to entertain the troops w/ Colin Quinn.

Somebody mentioned that Norton talked about the Sirius deal being turned down because Infinity was trying to make them sign a release clause that would not allow them to talk about the S4S incident. Did he mention that during his act?

Also... did anyone get any pictures from this event?

Thanks for the update J.B.E.! Cool
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Yes, Norton mentioned that they didn't sign the contract because it was too restricting, saying that they couldn't talk about this person or that person etc.
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Yeah he mentioned it, something like a $10,000 fine for every time they were to bring up the subject.
I'm not quite there yet
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Believe the Hype, Bitch!!!!

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