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Hi-Return of Spaz

Spaz tried to make "amends" with the guys last week as he almost got away with his call using his real name but in the end, like his radio career HE FUCKED UP!!!

May he rot in the almost mediocre world of Sloatzburg where he belongs along with the retarded Laverne & Shirley and the equally boring Stalker Patti.

Although, Patti and the retarded L&S made for good radio a FEW times they were abused. This jacktool couldn't take advantage of a job of a lifetime because his girlfriend "BAY-BUH" wouldn't let him.

So fuck him and good riddance:thumbdown::mad:
You're a filthy whore!!!
did O&A talk to him on air?
<center><a href="aim:goim?ScreenName=SoupSoupAD"><img src="" border="0"></a>
insert witty banter here

<a href=""></a></center>
For about two seconds, till Opie realized who it was...*click*
&lt;center&gt;&lt;img src=&quot;;&gt;&lt;/center&gt;&lt;center&gt; We don't want your forgiveness. We won't make excuses. We're not gonna blame you, even if you are an accessory... But we will not except your natural order. We didn't come for absolution, we didn't ask to be redeemed. But isn't how it is, every goddamn time... Your prayers are always answered, in the order they're received...

That board really took off, didn't it?
<center>[Image: FOM.jpg]</center>

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