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Polyphonic Bombs!!
I fucking hate these assholes, all 250 of them. I wish there were a bomb and i wish it had gone off.

fuck them
<center><img src="">
i don't know who they are, but they look like hippies and I hate hippies
[Image: carrottop-19200.jpg]
They sing this weird ass song that was in the Jim Carry/Kate Winslet movie.

I bet Lush likes them.
<center><img src="">
Yeah. She does.

I fucking hate them too.
[Image: zoolander1.jpg]

[marquee]The trouble with the world is everybody in it is 3 drinks behind - Humphrey Bogart[/marquee]
was that movie any good?
<img src="">
No I don't...they aren't sad enough. Ask Beth. She questioned the other day why I haven't killed myself yet.
<div align=center><img src="">
Someone ate my cupcake
It's more fun if you put your hands up

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