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Binaural Brainwave Doses
There's this "virtual drug" application called i-doser that alledgedly uses sound to stimulate the brain to respective drug high experiences. Maybe this has been around for a while, most know of it, and I'm just behind the times...whatever.

Anyway, I downloaded the free version off of and I swear the one dose/sound I tried seemed to actually work. It was called "Content" (pron: 'cun-tent') and I was chillin for a while. So I guess I have to try the rest of them after this torrent finishes.

Anybody hear of this or try it? Other than this stupid app, my next mission at some point is to lay my hands on some DMT - supposedly the most powerful hallucinogenic in existence. Shit like shrooms & sid are near impossible to find around here nowadays so I bet DMT is absolutely nowhere to be found. But I've read that you can extract it yourself without too much elaborate chemistry knowledge or equipment as DMT is in many many relatively common plants and bark.
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I've heard of it, and now, since you do heroin and you say it works, I'm tempted to try it.
I went and downloaded the entire drug library for this program, and now I'd like to try it myself. I have DMT.
I just tried Nitrous a minute ago, it finished, and, I actually seem to feel something. Loss of balance, sort of happy, I def do not feel normal.
It's ridiculous that if I wanted heroin or to bang a 12 year old, I could easily find it in New York. Under no circumstances could I find mushrooms.

It's a grand conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry to prevent mushrooms and pot since they would erode the revenues of manufactured drugs.
Let's not forget Big Tobacco and the Alcohol lobby out of that little situation.
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The spooks come out at night.
I've read that these virtual dose things are much more effective if your brain waves or state are as close as possible to the effect you're trying to induce. Like if your tired, doing a speedball or whatever the equiv is in i-dosage won't do much to you.
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So wait, I'm just supposed to download this and listen to the weird annoying white noise for 30 minutes?

pipe in any uncomfortable noise for 30 minutes, and I'm sure it will have a weird impact on my perceptions
i'm sure if you wrap magnets around your head and stick some needles in your temples it'll quadruple the effect!
I'm not completely sold on this whole thing either. Need more time to fuck with it. However, I think it's actually pretty solid scientifically. Listening through computer speakers makes it less effective as the ideal is to get decent headphones.

Plus you need to somewhat be chilling out, alone, etc....letting it run and listening to one of them while you're making a bologna sandwich and watching sportscenter hightlights at the same time is definitely not going to help the cause.
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