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Would you rather....
#1 blind or a deaf mute?
...marry someone rich and ugly or poor and hot?
...go down on your father or have you mother go down on you?
...have someone shit on your face or piss in your mouth?
...jerk a guy off or kiss him passionately for 30 seconds?
This is gonna be a real barnburner on Misanthropic Love
There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

[Image: goochserious.jpg]

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I'd rather be in Philadelphia
[Image: diceisgod.jpg]
An AIDS joke, how original.
[Image: eyes_424.jpg]
The spooks come out at night.
You are disgustingly ignorant & obnoxious and when you add that on top of your natural stupidy, it makes for quite an entertaining kookoo.
[Image: diceisgod.jpg]
DIG is waiting for Noam Chomsky to respond so he knows what to think.
And that's only because Hitler is dead.
[Image: diceisgod.jpg]
none of the above.
I'll bite.

Deaf mute. I'd be able to get away with ignoring people and wouldn't have to listen to them spew their inanity.

Poor and hot. Poor can become rich easier than ugly can become hot.

Mother go down on me. This is a tough one, but dicks are disgusting.

Piss in my mouth. Piss is piss. You know what you're getting. There's a lot more variability with shit. And piss is easier to clean off.

Passionate kiss. Dicks are still awful.

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