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Interesting Blog on Healthcare programs of both Candidates
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There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

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this thread was reported by galt....

boys been doin a little drinkin here?
galt does present an intriguing argument
oh man I didnt even read the reason, it is quite the persuasive argument.

think we should let the boys off with a warning or should I get the egg beaters, KY and pitch pipes?
lets wait a few days for goatweed to check back in and see what he thinks
I demand action!
oh man, should we dust off the mod forum and have a discussion?
The problem with our healthcare system (though saying that our "outcomes are worse" is an outright lie) is that unlike any other industry in our economy, the person making the buying decision (the patient) is not the one paying for the service (that is the gov or insurance co).

Patients do not even have a clue what is the price when they have the service. Therefore, there is absolutely no incentive for anyone to utilize any leverage to negotiate the price down at purchase. The only thing that will actually begin to lower healthcare costs is to make patients pay for the care directly. HSAs work this way. I pay the first $1,500 out of pocket (annual checkups are covered for free), and then after that it becomes a standard insurance plan).

If people had to pay money out of pocket, they would use less needless care, and leverage their buying power at point of care (actually before point of care) MORE federal intrusion will not only NOT help the underlying lack of pricing transparency issue, but it will make it worse since at least private insurance companies will want to drive costs down to grow profits. The government is accountable to no one when they can not control their spending (hello $10 trillion debt).

And "truthout" is anything but some "interesting blog" which compares candidates. It's balanced like Keith Olberman and Bill O'Reilly are balanced.
we should probably start a poll so every mods opinion can be expressed in a discreet, fair way.
The birthday thread was also off topic and it's not fair.

And get Pat to open the mod forum in YMB!
HedCold Wrote:we should probably start a poll so every mods opinion can be expressed in a discreet, fair way.

maybe jack will join in, I hope not tho, cause then with 4 mods, what happens if we're tied in the poll? Then we have to make a new mod... that means another poll. Can the board handle 2 polls in the same month?
you're right, that seems like a lot of work.
I almost moved a thread yesterday to a different forum, I thought about it for at least 4 seconds before deciding against it.
so was this handled or do I gotta click something?
Goatweed Wrote:so was this handled or do I gotta click something?

click your bones old man, the youngin took care of it.
what? I need to get a new hearing aid, this one doesn't do shit.

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