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engagement party august 16th, you're invited.
My glorious fiance and I will be throwing an engagement party for all of our friends and i'd appreciate if anyone from here who hasn't gotten an evite from me and wanted to attend, would send me their email. I added some of you, whose emails I did have (hedcold, goat, jays, etc.) but some of you I don't have your emails.

So if you would like to attend, PM me your email and i'll add you to the evite.

It will be on saturday, August 16th in jersey.

We already got a few oldies coming out of retirement, Black Laz will be there, Buttmunch may show up, and the big surprise of the evening will be the return of everyone's favroite... Danked!!!
who else would I get to collect 20 bucks a head at the door?

you know, for server bills.
[Image: oacomdown.jpg]
I hope Billy Voodoo shows up.
I got one better, Black Laz!! with silera and him together maybe we can get the vacationing debate redux!!!
based on the classy and romantic proposal, I assume this party will be held in the men's room at a Brooklyn Taco Bell. I think it's also safe to assume cash bar and cocktail weenies. you know, keep the whole classy theme going.

Gonzo will probably belch his vows at the wedding.
I love him. He's like those happy old people who become known for sitting by the side of a busy street and waving to passing cars. People drive by regularly and beep just to see him and get him to wave to them.

That's just like our Arpi... except he doesn't wave or anything. He just says mean things to you.

GonzoStyle Wrote:I pledge my undying love for Arpi, any retraction of this undying love is to be ignored.

Nominated for," 2005 poster of the year", by 4 out of 6 mods!
so you'll be attending?
can someone pick me up in jersey city?? i'm close by!
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Let me know if Slash shows up.
There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

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Gooch Wrote:Let me know if Slash shows up.

he and i were gonna ride together...
but then he reminded me he only goes once
there is no board.

two weeks short.
I'm glad Laz didn't recognize me.

Sleeper's rendition of Poison was the best intro to my evening.

My version of "She's Like The Wind" should be sealed in a vault.

The drinks were really strong.

The waiter who sang and danced with Gonzo's fiance was amazing.

Gonzo got down to his underwear in a parking lot to change into a Scarface t-shirt.

Good times all around.
The Jays Wrote:The waiter who sang and danced with Gonzo's fiance was amazing.

im going to make him a youtube legend, wait till i get that video up!
You'll put Lee's Hawaiian Islander on the map for that.

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even better the second time around
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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hybrid's #1!!!!!1 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<Goatweed> Titty McCheesehater
That guy didn't even have to look at the words! He slaughtered that lovely song all by himself!

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