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I started using this when a friend told me about it, and I'm addicted to using it. Whenever I need a baseball score, addresses, trivia answers, or to just kill time, I use ChaCha.

You can either text 242242 (ChaCha) and ask any question, or call 800-2-242-242 and ask any question, and ChaCha will text you back the answer. It's a free service, it makes it's money on advertising on its website; only standard text rates apply. So if you have unlimited like I have, ask away!

The way it works is there are ChaCha guides on the internet fielding questions from people all over the country, and they look it up for you and also provide you a link to refer to on your internet-enabled phone or on the computer.

What's great is if your on the internet already, you can become a guide too and make .15 per search to start, .20 after the first month, as well as to earn 10 percent of earnings from guides you refer to ChaCha, up to 20 referrals! I loved using Chacha so I decided to become a guide, I figure why not kill time on the web and make some extra bar cash. I've made 22 bucks since Monday.

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