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And so the countdown begins.
It is now technically Friday in the Eastern Time Zone.

I am turning all of the forums but the Pit to read only.

24 hours from now, I will turn the Pit to read only.

96 hours from now, the new site should in theory be live. Most of the hard work is already done, just need to move this database.

On the new site, there are a couple of things to note. If you had an account here, and you had at least 1 post, I already migrated your account. Also, you will still be able to log intothe CDIH archive so that you can view it with your preferred skin and modify your own user information, but you will not be able to post, edit, or send private messages there.

As for CDIH as it is right now - If you have something to say, now is the time to do it.

I've already said my piece, but once more, I will say goodbye. Its been a hell of a ride and I would not have changed a minute of it.
Ok. Bye Bye.
fuck a duck
All things change. Hope to see you there


Arpi fucked Suzie
There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

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