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so, what's new?
I am speechless.
Alkey died. Calls for my first emoticon ever.

A lot of people use these tablets now. And there was an Asian on the Knicks who was hot for a second.
Galt Wrote:Alkey died. Calls for my first emoticon ever.

I can't believe it's been a year already.
The Jays Wrote:A lot of people use these tablets now. And there was an Asian on the Knicks who was hot for a second.
I like my tablet alot, it came in handy on my west coast flight last week,

did you say the Knicks? As in the basketball team? People still play and care about basketball????
Alkey died? Seriously?

Well that sucks.

I can't believe this site still exists...
this is like communicating with smoke signals
just chillin'
Why did 87 people visit at one time back in May?

Lets just open this place back up.
Thats from the search engine bots.

I don't mind opening the place back up, but I can't really put any work into it right now. Maybe in January.
still chillin
I'm rocking my daughter to sleep in my right arm and typing this with my left hand while I watch the Redskins destroy the Cowboys.
I am furiously masturbating while thinking about you rocking your daughter in your right arm
why so furious?
the anger makes me shoot farther
so distance has some value for you. You find worth in seeing how powerful you can be?
not so much worth in my own power , more of a self competitive thing. always trying to surpass the taped line on the floor. its a joyous day indeed when i can pull up the tape and lay a new piece just bit farther across the room.
The time when I missed this place the most was when I saw that South Park episode about how Butters uses the toilet facing the tank and it made me want to e-high five Sleeper because we invented that in the world.

I wonder if Apri goes to super celebrity Keyser's classes at the Learning Annex to find out how to make a fortune on the Internet. Our reunion can be if Keyser does an AMA and we can ask him about Project Pseudo, webcam jerking, and the famed Suzie bootie call.

I wonder if DIG died before Alkey. He's definitely dead though. Gotta be.

I got married, moved to New Orleans, have a kid on the way, and drusilla still desperately wants to bang me and facebook stalks me

I know Bloody Anus' name and address. He emailed me the other day. We are best buds.
Hi buddy

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