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Halo 2
Outside the fact that i stood in the cold for almost an hour.,....a-fucking-mazing. Must go, must buy.
<center><img src=""></center>
Personally, I'm going to wait another 4 months, buy a new rig and get H~L 2. There is something much more satisfying about shooting scientist and other humans that goofy squishy aliens.
<img src="">

<center>Boy the way Glen Miller played,
songs that made the hit parade,
guys like us we had it made,
those were the days,
and you know where you were then,
girls were girls and men were men,
mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again,
didn't need no welfare states
everybody pulled his weight,
gee our old Lasalle ran great,
those were the days!</center>

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