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Paltalk Murder/Suicide

BAM's FBA post:

As many of you may or may not have heard, the FBA and Paltalk communities have suffered a horrible loss this weekend. It deeply saddens me to have to inform you that there was a great tragedy this weekend in which one of our fellow O&A paltalkers, Brands_16, was shot and killed on Saturday night. As if that news wasn't bad enough, the tragedy compounds itself because Brands_16 was allegedly shot and killed by another O&A paltalker, Connersswimcoach, who then turned the gun on himself and has since passed away.

In times like these it sometimes helps to have a place to come to talk about what has happened and reflect on life itself. I know we say this quite often but it is really true, we are more then just a message board, we are truly community and a network of friends. And it is my hope that we can come together as friends and a community to reflect on Brands_16's life and the friendship that she had with so many people here.

It was a tough decision whether or not to allow this discussion on FBA. It is a rather personal issue on one hand but it is also an issue that effects each and every one of us. It is a topic that if not handled with the utmost respect and care can ultimately lead to more heartache for people who were Brand's friends and family but at the same time can also help people get through a tough time in their lives. So I ask this of you. Please use this thread to post your thought of condolences, talk about your feelings, and share stories of your friendships and times on paltalk. Lets be respectful to the people who in one dreadful second have had their lives tragically altered forever. Please refrain from using this as a thread for posting of speculation, rumors, or anything else that may be harmful to the people involved. There may come a time for those discussions, but that time is not now.

May our thoughts and prayers be with those who now need comforting in their time of pain.

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